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Conflicting emergency vehicle pattern markings merge to create camouflage effects

Many earlier posts have described the problems associated with affixing a range of different patterned markings (especially rear chevrons) onto emergency vehicles.                 The problem is made even worse when a number of local agencies independently decide to display different pattern styles to brand their vehicles in an … Continue reading

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Fluorescent marking creep is slowly improving the conspicuity of Australia’s emergency vehicles

It has taken many years but fluorescent markings are finally beginning to appear on more and more police, fire and ambulance vehicles around the country. While the response vehicles of some emergency services still wear the traditional Sillitoe scheme or a stylised variation of the … Continue reading

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New Perth County EMS Sprinter ambulances

Michael Crawley from Perth County, Ontario has sent me some photos of their new Sprinter ambulances with high-visibility fluorescent/reflective markings. “We now have 3 Mercedes sprinters in our fleet and have had numerous positive comments about the graphics. Just wanted to thank you … Continue reading

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Get out of the way: An article on the history of ambulance warning lights

This article was published on Gizmodo Australia in early June and provides a brief history of warning lights before discussing the important research undertaken by Michael Flannagan and his associates at the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute. I have discussed Michael’s comprehensive work on emergency vehicle … Continue reading

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Portraits of Hope on Aspen emergency vehicles

Every now and again my friend and colleague Howard Paul at EMSAC sends me interesting links or photos from Colorado and these really brought a smile to my face. Portraits of Hope a national non-profit art and social service program founded by brothers Ed Massey … Continue reading

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MONOC – New siren safety video for emergency for Police, Fire, Ambulance/EMS responders

The Monmouth Ocean Hospital Service Corporation (MONOC) operating in New Jersey has released a short video that can be viewed and downloaded from their website. The video briefly summarises United States EMS crash statistics and goes on to discuss the … Continue reading

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Ambulance crash in Victoria, Australia – HiVizTV

Two Ambulance Victoria paramedics thankfully suffered only minor injuries after hitting a street barrier while travelling to an emergency case under lights and sirens. Bystanders attempted to release the crew by breaking the windshield, however they crawled to the back of the ambulance and … Continue reading

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