Portraits of Hope on Aspen emergency vehicles

Colors of Hope 1 - ColoradoEvery now and again my friend and colleague Howard Paul at EMSAC sends me interesting links or photos from Colorado and these really brought a smile to my face.

Portraits of Hope a national non-profit art and social service program founded by brothers Ed Massey and Bernie Massey, will transform the entire fleet of emergency vehicles in the upper Roaring Fork Valley with colorful flower murals hand-painted this winter and spring by some 2,000 children and adults, half of whom are children who participated through local schools and social service organizations.

 The bold designs will be on display for a five-month exhibition on the vehicles of the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department, Snowmass-Wildcat Fire Protection District, Aspen Ambulance District, and Mountain Rescue Aspen….This historic endeavor is Portraits of Hope’s debut in Colorado and the first time anyone, anywhere, has transformed operational emergency rescue vehicles into public art.

The project, which will make over 38 vehicles into a collective work of art, is the culmination of the efforts of nearly 2,000 children in schools, hospitals, and social service programs — and more than 250 adult volunteers, including parents, firefighters, rescue personnel, and civic-minded members from local communities.

Read more in the Aspen Business Journal – HERE

Colors of Hope 2Colors of Hope 3


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3 Responses to Portraits of Hope on Aspen emergency vehicles

  1. Wannabe ambo says:

    No comment about the visibility (or lack thereof) John? I guess to anyone who reads this blog it goes without saying.


    • Hi Wannabe, great to read your comment and thanks for your quick reply to the post, the ink is hardly dry on the screen! – I did wonder if anyone would pick-up my lack of comments concerning the visibility but I put these murals on the same level as the earlier pink ambulances post on the blog. These vehicles break all the visibility rules, but I am in no position to criticise the great work these people do for their community. The vehicles do look amazing and the artworks will be removed after five months.

      Like I said in the post – I think we should just sit back, smile and enjoy…. and if we can afford it, send a donation.


  2. Scott says:

    Honestly, I firmly believe the ambulances and fire trucks were much more visible with the art installed. I would highly recommend similar patterns on all emergency vehicles. I can see an ambulance just fine, but with the art installed it made me think about it.


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