Ohio DOT add green warning lamps to snowploughs (snowplows) – HiVizTV

Changes to state legislation now permits snowploughs in Ohio to be fitted with any colour warning lights except red and blue. The state’s 1500 snowploughs will be progressively retrofitted with green flashing lamps alongside the current fHiViz-TV icon - www.ambulancevisibilitylashing amber and white lamps. While green lamps are considered to be more easily detected (especially in peripheral vision) they are not usually fitted to emergency vehicles as green has the traditional connection with traffic lights as a GO colour rather than the red STOP or amber CAUTION colours.

The Ohio DOT have fitted the green flashing lamps in an attempt to reduce the possibility of rear-end collisions with snowploughs operating throughout the state. It will be interesting to see if the changes actually translate into a decreasing number of  rear-end collisions.

CLICK HERE  for video

Ohio Snowplough

About John Killeen (Ambulance Visibility)

John Killeen is a former Intensive Care Paramedic who authors the Ambulance Visibility research website & blog
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