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Ambulance Visibility

Here is a really good read especially if you seek top-class information on emergency vehicle visibility and safety and it’s now free. When I was working on my first research report in the late 1990’s this was often quoted as one of the major textbooks of the time. The book “Emergency Vehicle Accidents – prevention and reconstruction” written by Dr Stephen Solomon was required reading for anyone looking for information on visual anatomy & physiology, vision, vehicle colour, markings, warning lights and sirens plus much more.    

ARFF yellow-green Fire Vehicle
Photo courtesy of Air Services Australia

Stephen Solomon has probably retired by now but he was responsible for the ground-breaking research study demonstrating that yellow-green fire appliances are involved in less accidents than two-tone red & white appliances. He went on to champion the use of fluorescent colours and contour markings on emergency vehicles.    

In 1997 I bought a copy of the book from Amazon and the price was over $100. The full version of the book is now available free online at Google Books. I would recommend that you read it soon as possible, I do not know how long the full version will remain accessable. The original edition was updated by Solomon and Paul Hill in 2002 after they added extra content.  If you like the book then buy a copy at for approx. $50. 

Well there’s the heads up – go now, read the online book!


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John Killeen is a former Intensive Care Paramedic who authors the Ambulance Visibility research website & blog
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